In our pursuit to reduce extreme poverty and lessen people’s vulnerability, we depend on the generosity of concerned global citizens such as you. By donating to EWB, you will support projects that are helping people escape poverty.

EWB Carleton relies completely on donated funds or funds raised by our volunteers. We receive generously donated funds from fundraising, as well as corporations, individuals and other organizations. EWB Carleton volunteers plan fundraising events like selling EWB calendars and fair trade mugs, an annual wine and cheese and numerous barbeques in order to raise funds for our programs.

The majority of this money goes to our overseas programs. It also goes towards our in-Canada programs, which strive to engage Canadians on issues relating to poverty and development. Only a small amount of funds are spent on administration, and we adhere to strict accountability measures when dealing with funds.

You can donate to EWB online here through our organization’s website.

Alternatively you may contact our VP Finance Courtney at for all other donation options.

Our charitable registration number is 89980-1815-RR0001.

Thank you for your support!