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Executive Team 2018-19

Co-Presidents: Evan Sarnecki & Hodhan Osman

Returning Junior Fellow: Sahil Arora

VP Advocacy: Connor Ruprecht

VP Recruitment: Melissa Dosne

VP Communications: Nate Lavoy

VP Youth Engagement: Matt Tennant

VP Finance: Ragini Bakshi

VP Fundraising: Nick de Angelis & Mo Ghazal

VP Logistics: Jonique Gardien

VP Strategy and Support: Yasmin Anderson

Faculty Advisor: Adrian Chan


Directorships are leadership positions that work in close collaboration with one of the VPs listed above. Not only do directorships help grow our community and activism, but they are also excellent opportunities for personal growth. There is a large variety of roles and responsibilities of directors, including:

  • Graphical design: creating advertisement posters and updating this website
  • Preparing and delivering presentations to high school and university students
  • Organizing events with other Carleton clubs and the Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • Including sports tournaments, banquets, and coffeehouses
  • Advertising events on campus and online
  • And many more!

Directorship applications will open on the second week of school, so check back on this webpage to apply for the directorship opportunities!

Volunteer and Participate!

You don’t have to be a director to be a part of our community; we are always busy with our events and advocacy, so we always have something for you to do if you want to help out for a short period of time.

Participate in events such as:

  • Coffeehouses
  • Intramural sports tournaments
  • Presentations
  • Member Learnings, short presentations where we explain what EWB is, and how we help the world.

Our Office

All you need to do to get involved is to contact the president or any of our VPs listed above, or better yet, drop by our office at 3397 Mackenzie Building!