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Canada will only become a model global citizen if our future leaders understand the complexities of the international community. The students of today, if passionate, knowledgeable and committed, will help to ensure a sustainable tomorrow. That is why EWB chapter volunteers engage youth across Canada, raising their awareness and understanding of development issues.

Since the initiation of our school outreach program, we have reached over 75,000 students. Participants in our interactive workshops Water For The World, Food For Thought, and Energy Matters are encouraged to become passionate about the need for change and well-equipped to turn their passion and intentions into impact.

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Our presentations include:

Water for the World is an interactive workshop that includes building a mini water filter out of a 2-litre pop bottle and layers of sand and gravel. Students learn about water issues in Canada and about how seemingly simple challenges, such as gaining access to safe water, are magnified in developing communities.
Food for Thought focuses on global hunger issues using the example of rice. We employ an interactive program the helps students understand where and how rice is grown, how it is processed, and the implications of this production on global systems.
Energy Matters looks at global energy issues. Students become mindful of the energy required to perform everyday household tasks. Subsequently, participants learn how energy requirements and access to energy sources differ between Canada and rural Africa.

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